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Callson Agriculture Ltd - Importers of Animal Feeding Stuffs in the Uniteed Kingdom

Callson Agriculture Ltd was formed in 1998 to service the needs of the Agricultural Sector in Scotland and the North of England. The company is run by Bob Henderson who has nearly 30 years experience in the Agricultural Sector.
Callson Agriculture importers of feeding stuffs in the United Kingdom

The demanding changes of the Animal Feed Industry require constant monitoring, and Callson Agriculture Ltd constantly strive to achieve this objective.

The Genetically Modified issue is of special significance,  changing the approach to  Feed & Feed Products. Callson Agriculture can source and supply non-GM materials for any class of livestock, pet food, or aquaculture.

Prices & availability of animal feed raw materials can change daily due to

  • Supply & Demand
  • Buying Trend
  • Currency Movements  

Callson Agriculture has the experience and access to market information to advise customers on the fundamentals regarding each raw material thus having a valuable input to the customers buying decision.

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